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  • Directed by : N/A
  • Season List : Friday Night Dinner

  • Cast : Tamsin Greig, Simon Bird, Paul Ritter
  • Genre : Season / Friday Night Dinner / Comedy
  • Storyline : Watch Friday Night Dinner Season 2 putlocker on putlocker now: Friday Night Dinner Season 2 movietube, Friday Night Dinner Season 2 watch32, Friday Night Dinner Season 2 download, Watch Friday Night Dinner Season 2 full episode on putlocker now, Friday Night Dinner Season 2 putlocker, Friday Night Dinner Season 2 watch32. When Jonny finds Adam's old-fashioned-fashioned diary, he learns a awful unidentified: next Adam was 11, he namelessly dumped Jonny's beloved 'Pandy' panda bear toy in the outside crate, never to be seen in the vibes of again. This unleashes a skirmish in the home, next Jonny threatening to infect Adam's equally beloved pass bunny toy, 'Buggy'. Fights rage in all room, once Mum and Dad unable to rule their two twenty-something sons, who have become 13 anew. Desperate to conceal his pretentious comfort toy from his upset brother, Adam gives Buggy to about the worst person feasible: neighbour Jim. Meanwhile, Dad will not decrease sneezing coarsely speaking anything - 'He sneezed regarding a baby today - therefore embarrassing,' says Mum. Later, gone dinner is served, Dad sneezes more than all the food and Mum's lovable Friday night dinner is ruined. But what happens considering wretched Jim accidentally loses Buggy in a lake? And why is Jim speaking Chinese? Enjoy to watch .

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 on putlocker now Episode List:

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Episode 1

1. Buggy

When Jonny finds Adam's old diary, he learns a terrible secret: when Adam was 11, he secretly dumped Jonny's beloved 'Pandy' panda bear toy in the outside bin, never to be seen again. This unleashes a war in the house, with Jonny threatening to destroy Adam's equally beloved old rabbit toy, 'Buggy'. Fights rage in every room, with Mum and Dad unable to control their two twenty-something sons, who have become 13 again. Desperate to hide his precious comfort toy from his angry brother, Adam gives

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Episode 2

2. Mr. Morris

The boys are excited: grandma, played by Frances Cuka is coming for dinner, and tonight she's bringing her new boyfriend. 'He's not her boyfriend,' says mum, he's her 'male companion'. 82 year-old Lou Morris, played by Harry Landis is a horrible, vain man, who sports a trilby, a Hitler-ish moustache, and is obsessed with cleanliness ('I'm very hygienical'); wiping his hands on the bathroom curtains when there's no hand towel. Mr Morris is also the world's worst driver, parking his battered old

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Episode 3

3. The Loft

To get out of cleaning the loft with Dad and Adam, Jonny claims to have dislocated his shoulder. But when Adam discovers he's lying, he threatens to tell mum immediately. "Fine," says Jonny, '"Then I'll just tell her all the grotty details of what you got up to with Hayley Posner". Adam is horrified. Hayley was Adam's blind date, who he slept with and then never called back, "because she smelt like mum". Mum mustn't find this out, so Adam has to let Jonny get away with his pretend bad shoulder.

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Episode 4

4. The New Car

Dad is very excited. He's just bought a new fax machine. The boys can't believe it 'What's the point of using a fax machine when you've got email?' they ask. 'So you don't have to read everything off a bleeding machine,' replies dad. Jonny, who's an estate agent, has been given a company car - the uncoolest car possible. It has a giant, estate agent-themed, fake brick roof on top. Adam calls it a 'house'. Mum soon learns that Jonny bagged the car because he'd been sleeping with his boss, the

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Episode 5

5. The Yoghurts

Jonny is in a real pickle: he wants to split up with his 43-year-old girlfriend/boss, Liz played by Leslie Vickerage, but is too scared to do so. Adam, meanwhile, is happy to keep teasing him about her age ('I'll switch the stair lift on'). Grandma, played by Frances Cuka offers Jonny some advice - 'Take her out dancing' - before showing him how to dance in the kitchen. While they dance to the music on the radio, it transpires that it's just the music for the news headlines, and before long,

Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Episode 6

6. The Mouse

The boys come home to find the house in a real state. The builders have been in, and everywhere they look, there's mess. On top of this, there's a mouse in the house, and mum is hiding in the shed. Dad - who's clueless in the kitchen - is left in charge of dinner ('I might as well be boiling a table'). But when Jim (Mark Heap) pops round to see if he can help around the house, something quite terrible happens to him, and mum is forced - out of guilt - to ask Jim over for dinner. This is Jim's

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